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March 14, 2019: 1st Quarter Event:
The Gulch Development: The Real Story
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August 20, 2019: 2nd Quarter Event: Equity Waters are Rising – Watch Out For Sharks
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October 2, 2019: 3rd Quarter Event: 16th Annual Debt Conference – The Weekend at Bernie’s Economy?
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November 5, 2019: 4th Quarter Event: Levy vs. Levy
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September 25, 2018: 3rd Quarter Event: Take Me Out to the Ballpark!
SunTrust Park (Atlanta Braves)
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November 8, 2018: 15th Annual Debt Conference
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March 23, 2017: First Quarter Event
Alternative Development Financing in a Credit Drought

May 18, 2017: Second Quarter Event
Real Estate Finance and the Tax Reform Monster

August 23rd, 2017: Third Quarter Event
14th Annual Debt Conference

November 8, 2017: Fourth Quarter Event
A Retail Odyssey, 2017-2027


May 18, 2016: Second Quarter Event
Equity Capital: May the Flow be With You


November 9, 2016: Fourth Quarter Event
Technology and the Future of Real Estate


 January 8, 2015: Views from the Top
A Tale of Two Cities: Atlanta & Charleston

September 17, 2015: Third Quarter Event
12th Annual REIAC Debt Panel: Industry Giants

December 9, 2015: Fourth Quarter Event
REIAC – CREW Joint December Program & Holiday Mixer


January 9, 2014: Views from the Top
28 Years of Business Insights from the   Level


February 20, 2014: First Quarter Event
Stadium and Mixed-use Development – The Right Way

May 15, 2014: Second Quarter Event
All-Star Investment Broker Panel Shares Insights


September 9, 2014: AREA GSU & REIAC Event
Tour of Avalon Before it’s Grand Opening

September 17, 2014: Third Quarter Event
11th Annual Debt Panel Filling the Gap



February 29, 2012: First Quarter Event
Smart CRE Wagers in an Uncertain World


May 17, 2012: Second Quarter Event
Atlanta & Commercial Real Estate: A Big Picture View of Present & Future

September 20, 2012: Third Quarter Event
New Directions For Institutional Players

Wednesday, December 5, 2012: Fourth Quarter Event
Private Equity Rides to the Rescue!


June 8, 2011: Second Quarter Event
Atlanta Real Estate Fresh Capital for a New Cycle

November 17, 2011: Fourth Quarter Event
REIAC/GSU Hall Of Distinction


March 31, 2010: First Quarter Event
Breaking the Logjam: Part 1


April 12, 2010
Distinguished Lecture Series: Peter Mitchell

April 29, 2010
REIAC Student Challenge Event


June 10, 2010: Second Quarter Event
Breaking the Logjam Part 2: Special Servicing



September 16, 2010: Third Quarter Event Breaking the Logjam Part 3: CRE Debt 2.0


December 2, 2010: Fourth Quarter Event
REIAC/GSU Hall of Distinction

The Premier National Trade Association for Commercial Real Estate Principals

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